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Using Your Design Inspirations, We Will Create The Finest, One-of-a-Kind Faucetry and High-Quality Metal Products Made Specifically and Exclusively for You.

For the uncompromising individual or architect who seeks the very best and the most exclusive designs, whether residential or commercial, the Butler Architectural Series is the ultimate expression of your individuality. 

Imagine having Rolls-Royce create a custom motorcar to your personal tastes and requirements. Or having Lamborghini make a one-off supercar designed specifically for you. The Butler Architectural Series caters to those who seek the finest faucetry and metal products that are personal, unique, and exclusive. The Butler Architectural Series products are original, one-of-a kind, and only for you — never to be copied or sold to anyone else.

Our team of skilled designers and engineers, under the direction of Charles C. Butler, will collaborate with you to turn your ideas and inspirations into stunning, original, one-of-a-kind creations exclusively for you.
— Charles C. Butler, Founder

One-of-a-Kind, Finest Quality Faucetry

The Butler Architectural Series is the finest and most personal, unique, and exclusive faucetry.


Individualized Highest Quality Door Hardware

The Butler Architectural Series door hardware products are high-quality, beautifully-sculpted, one-of-a-kind creations.


Finest, Unique Metal Products and Instruments

The Butler Architectural Series metal products and instruments are the finest, skillfully-crafted, individualized metal objects.

Let us design, engineer, and manufacture the exact products that you have dreamed about. If you can imagine it, we are your manufacturing source.

Consult With Us

When calling, ask for the Butler Architectural Series consulting team.

Telephone: 800-960-2284