Founded in 1986, 33 Years of the Finest Faucetry Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing

A world-class American manufacturer of the finest masterfully designed, precisely engineered, and expertly crafted faucetry, and specialist in the finest metal finishing.

Our 60,000-square-foot headquarters in San Diego County, California includes a showroom, offices, and a large, modern manufacturing facility.

Environmental Friendliness

Protecting Our Vital Natural Resources

We Manufacture the Finest Faucets Under Our Own Premium Brands

We Distribute Our Premium Faucets Around the World

Our own brands of premium faucets are available from 600 showrooms in the United States of America and across 10 countries around the world.

OEM Faucetry

Manufacturer for Leading Faucet Brands

Specialist in the Finest Metal Finishing

For over 33 years we have been performing the finest metal finishing and coatings.


We Utilize the Finest Valves for the Finest Faucets

Our high-quality faucets utilize the finest valving. We design and specify our valving, then partner with the finest technical manufacturers in Europe and USA. Our proprietary thermostatic valving brands are Sigmatherm®, Eurotherm®, Simply Safe®, E-Mini, and Butler Mill and Brassworks.® Our partners include Fluhs of Germany, Kerox of Hungary, Cice of France, Eurotherm of France, and Oblamatik of Switzerland.

We Provide Industry Standard Plumbing Certification

Through the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), we provide plumbing code certification to comply with all Federal and all states’ plumbing regulatory requirements. This certification is required to legally sell or install faucets in the United States.

We Provide Full Service From Start to Finish

We are a full-service business providing design, engineering, certification, manufacturing, water testing, printing or laser engraving, quality control, assembly, custom packaging, and shipping.

We Provide Faucetry to the Finest Hotels

Our faucets are renowned for their high quality, distinctive design, and outstanding value, and are featured in the finest hotels in the world.

Consult With Us

We design and manufacture the world's finest, precision-crafted, custom-designed kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures. We can mix and match from different faucet styles and dozens of metal finishes to give you the result that you desire. Or let us custom design and build the exact faucets that you desire. Tell us your faucetry requirements, budget, and timeframe and we will fulfill it.

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Maurice Rizzuto

Charles C. Butler, Founder