We Offer 105 of the Finest Metallic Finishes

We Provide the Finest Metal Finishing and Coatings 

Our American Plating and PVD division provides the finest, high-quality, and durable metal coatings, platings, finishes, polishes, degreasing, and color matching for surgical instruments, medical devices, dental equipment, food processing equipment, sporting goods, hardware and plumbing, automotive parts, and many other quality products.


Lifetime PVD Coating

Using our In-house Vapor Technologies PVD Machine


Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is one of the finest methods for creating brilliant, long-lasting permanent coatings — and in an environmentally-friendly process. We own and operate one of the largest-volume PVD coating machines in the world.

Our high-quality PVD coating is ideal for manufacturers of the following premium products:

  • Hardware and plumbing

  • Automotive parts

  • Industrial tooling

  • Consumer goods

  • Consumer electronics

  • Surgical instruments

  • Medical devices

  • Dental equipment

  • Food processing equipment

  • Sporting goods



Nickel-electroplating is the deposition of one metallic material on top of another to increase corrosion characteristics, improve appearance, and enhance wear properties or any combination of these qualities.

  • We use only non-carcinogenic trivalent chrome to protect the health of our workers and the environment.

  • We offer a separate plating line for steel, so now we have specialized tanks for both brass and steel.

  • We offer 30 standard finishes — and limitless custom finishes.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is the deposition of an organic powder that is temperature flown and cured. It is applied to enhance corrosion protection and abrasion resistance, as well as to cosmetically color the surface of metal. We use and produce only the most durable organic powder coatings in the industry.

For our traditional powder coating processes, AMP&P proudly uses industry standard-bearing ingredients for high-quality, environmentally friendly interior and exterior finishes. Our powder coatings have been rigorously developed to meet the increasing demands for form and function in today’s marketplace, and are available in a vast array of colors and finishes suitable for any application.


  • Electrostatic dissipative powder coatings for the controlled dissipation of static buildup.

  • FDA-compliant powder coatings for safe use as a food-contact surface for articles intended for use in producing, manufacturing, packing, packaging, treating, transporting or holding food.

  • Custom colors by request.

  • Specialty Finishes including silver, chrome, iron glimmer, pearlescent white, glitter, holographic, metallic and antique or vein powder coatings.

  • Clear coat products in many varieties, including glossy, semi-gloss, matte and anti-graffiti.



TIGER Drylac®



Patina and Lacquer Coating

Patinas are so-called “living” finishes. Patinas have been around practically since the beginning of the bronze age, centuries before plating, powder coating, and PVD were born. They are not a coating, but a surface treatment of the base metal that changes over time as the surface oxidizes, hence they are “living” finishes. The surface finish can be retained by applying a clear lacquer coating to the surface.

Antimicrobial Finishes

As part of our commitment to creating the best, safest coatings and finishes available, we fully invested in special coating products infused with antimicrobial agents.

These specialty finishes retain the luster, beauty and durability that we are known for, but have been engineered to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and E-coli by as much as 99%.

The same tests were performed using five different chemical versions of Sterilcoat AM. In all cases, the results were similar — a decrease in microbial activity of between 99.4% and 99.99%.

The same tests were performed using five different chemical versions of Sterilcoat AM. In all cases, the results were similar — a decrease in microbial activity of between 99.4% and 99.99%.

In a day and age where approximately 100,000 unnecessary deaths are reported each year because hospital patients come into contact with germ-contaminated equipment, we believe that these types of antimicrobial finishes are a essential to promote a healthy environment with all medical applications, including medical devices, instruments, racks, sterilization equipment, bedpans, carts and more.


  • Food-preparation and handling equipment such as mixing bowls, serving trays, salad bars, coolers, sinks and serving counters

  • Food processing pieces including grinders, slicers, conveyors and storage bins

  • Home appliances like refrigerators, disposals, trash compactors, washers and dryers

  • Construction and contracting needs such as pushplates, kickplates, towel dispensers, door handles, elevators, escalators, storage and restroom fixtures.

Metal Polishing and Bead Blasting

We take our polishing, buffing, satining, and bead blasting applications seriously.

That’s why all processes are performed right here on the premises of the AMP&P factory—it’s the only way to ensure that your product’s finish meets the highest industry standards.

Metal Polishing Process

Our skilled craftsmen are trained for three years to hand finish thousands of small parts each and every day. Whether your product is as small as a dime or bigger than a breadbox, our crew is always focused on the tiniest details not only when polishing, but also working with satin, matte and bead-blasted surfaces.

Furthermore, we understand that different materials and surfaces require different metal polishing methods. We work with state-of-the-art equipment to polish at variable speeds, ensuring that your project gets the maximum luster and optimal appearance that it can achieve.

Bead blasting is a method of altering the surface of a metal by bombarding the surface with grains of hard materials, such as glass or alumina. Various textures can be created on the surface, including matte finishes.

Often a “satin” finish is desired. In this finish, the surface is lightly lined to give it a cloth-like appearance. Note that it is not always possible to satin parts in all directions. The shape of the component will dictate the direction of the lines.


  • Buffing

  • Mirror finish

  • Satin finish

  • Brush finish

  • Grinding

  • Color buffing

Vapor Degreasing

We are able to clean parts from the extremely small and intricate up to much larger pieces using our highly effective Vapor Degreasing process. In a chamber, we heat n propyl bromide to 275 degrees.

Upon evaporation, the solvent dissolves any contaminants present on the workpiece before the coating, plating or finishing processes begin. In this manner, we are able to coat materials in a pristine state, which translates to more even and consistent coverage on the final product.

Industry-Standard Color Matching

We are equipped to match industry-standard colors from the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA). If your piece needs to match existing BHMA/ANSI standard A156.18 for materials and finishes, you can select from PVD or standard electroplating processes.

We are able to consistently achieve a stable code 613 finish across different alloys. Our PVD coating process enables us to create the most consistent finishes above and beyond the industry standard, with even more coverage on virtually all substrates.

Metal Finishing and Coatings for Golf Equipment

Our metal finishing and coatings improve the beauty, durability, and performance of golf equipment.

Our clients include the following producers of high-quality golf clubs.


Metal Finishing and Coatings for Door Hardware

Our metal finishing and coatings improve the beauty, durability, and performance of door hardware

Our clients include the following producers of high-quality door hardware.


Metal Finishing and Coatings for Lighting Products

Our metal finishing and coatings improve the beauty, durability, and performance of lighting products.

Our clients include the following producer of high-quality lighting products.


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