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We Utilize the Finest Valves for the Finest Faucets


We design and specify our valving, then partner with the finest technical manufacturers in Europe and USA. Our proprietary thermostatic valving brands are Sigmatherm®, Eurotherm®, Simply Safe®, E-Mini, and Butler Mill and Brassworks.®


Our industry-leading valves exceed uniform plumbing codes, are ICC-ES and CSA B125 certified, and UPC listed in USA and Canada.

Our Valving Brands


Our Industry-Leading Valving Partners

Within our faucets we utilize high-quality valves and cartridges from these leading brands.


Fluhs of Germany


Kerox of Hungary


Cice of France


Eurotherm of France


Oblamatik of Switzerland


Performance Information

  • Unleaded lavatory sets that exceed NSF 61-9 sanitary standards and California Title 54 requirements.

  • Exposed thermostatic systems in all sizes.

  • Solid brass construction is the foundation our faucets are built upon.

  • All our valves are machined in the USA using CNC computer-driven lathes and mills.

  • State of the art ¼” turn ceramic disc cartridges with lifetime warranty.

  • We have the world’s finest thermostatic systems – ½”, ¾”, 1-1/4”, 1-12” and 2” sizes for our residential customers. The 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” are for our commercial customers.

  • Our ½” and ¾” thermostatic valves have the highest flow rates in the world: dual exit ½” at 15 gpm, dual exit ¾” at 32 gpm.

  • Pressure balanced tub and shower systems with the diaphragm type removable cartridge are guaranteed for 10 years.

For More Information

To purchase replacement parts, cartridges, valves, handles, and other components, contact:

Maurice Rizzuto
Telephone: 800-280-4053
Email: americanfaucetcorporation@gmail.com